leave the mess be,unbolt the gateway to instincts


IMG_7134Stretching your arms 9000 feet above the sea level exclusive of any surface! We got over the ridicule of life once again and sneaked out to taste another flavor of dessert called WANDERLUST. Two more feathers to the hat of “WOMEN-AT-LOSE”- added up to boost more fun, more girl time, dirtiest of language, non-existent code of behavior and melodrama resurrecting  every now and then , and of-course showers of glamour, waiting to be discovered by a bunch of thugs  out there in the big bad lustful world. (yeah, right!)

Right from, co-coordinating via phone –calls and whatsapp group updates  and facebook messages from different corners of the country to summon-up  at the iconic point-zero of our new journey (which never starts on time, taking into account last minute deductions and additions). And what’s more worse? Pool of funds to hire a cab to save time if not money, multiplies the quotient of being a total hooligan in your own world of other cheapsters (called friends) like yourself.

IMG_7135Well this time we trekked our way out to embrace the thrill of PARA-GLIDING starting from the foot-hills of the Himalayas.

Mountains have become an enticing bit of our wanderlust over the period of our yatras. The woman entitled to lead us most of the time, tried her wits to chose BIR-BILLING as the first destination of this excursion.

We caught a DRIVER WHO BARELY DROVE :/ 100 kilometers had been his perimeter so far and we doubted if he had throttled out of his own city before. It was like catching a shy clown-fish. Like “JON-SNOW-KNOWS-NOTHING”!  We almost pitied him. He was well cautioned about the level of preposterous conversations he would have to endure and the rest of personality quirks of us all women were elements of surprise to him. Nevertheless, he claims to have have the most wonderful trip ever, and that was with us.

IMG_7573Anyway, peeing on roads/highways, picking GAJRAS over car fresheners,  shitting in turns in creepiest of bushes, laughing like a snorting wild-boar on a woman’s face- who was disgusted, startled and worried about her own daughter after witnessing six girls on lose, as if we were whores and asked her co-male-travellers to sleep with us. She was one of those who forbid their daughters to step out of the shells to face realities. I bet she’d have pledged  to never let her daughter out on a road-trip.

IMG_7366Like most of the astounding hide-outs lying out there naked in the flora and fauna. BIR-BILLING  is another unscathed, unexploited beauty that made us dive deep into the unknown and never wanting to come back out of the mystery of this virgin beauty, as usual. Even though your life might be ruckus. The world you’ve escaped from might be upside down but you probably find all the answers you’ve been looking for, for long, here.

To be contd…



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