Celebratethe spark of being

the mirage of dreams

some illusion that screams

to be real or to gleam..,


Celebrate the masses of loners

or li’l bizarre in a corner

the reason of your role…

the crowd behind that drones.


Celebrate when you have nothing to lose,

for life is a voyage cruise

no matter the density of scar or bruise;


Celebrate the percussion at once,

thoughts with realm of rebel, one or tons,

a search that wouldn’t hunt

and the fall when you fell blunt.


Celebrate the pitches of curiosity

the rage of someone’s animosity

your faults and their velocity

the patience before your ferocity.


Celebrate what all you let go,

the pendulum of existence, to and fro…

celebrate when you realize, it’s time to behold…

all that you have, and all that you dont!