Violent Delights


Evading you desire while pursuing something that does not interest your personal involvement creates frustration, defeat and hollowness.But what if the desires so violent that undergoing anything beyond your will leads to one thing…THE END. Though ends always give loop to another beginning but as it’s said “it is all till you hope”I have desires, like everyone else, but i don’t just surrender thinking of them and not making a move any further.

I have them as a treasure and I’m so attuned to them that I tend to break all blasphemies of the crowd that couldn’t produce any fire out of their desire.I sound propagatingly violent even to myself but all of this turns into ash when i wreck all the rules of what we call a “normal” world. I elate my violence to give my desire a new delight , when i see how far i am from reaching where I’m supposed to.

Lately I’ve discovered a new ethic and that was…when I am fearless even in most horrendous circumstances, when I am rigid as a rock even though i got every reason to turn to shreds, I summon that fire. It was some violence inside my hollow soul that mounted after what felt like some agony.I feel this is again the persistence of forging ahead and ascending to a position of taking a leap from a dead soul to a violent delight.



Talk of Empowerment

~A conversation over phone~

Girl 1: Hey was sup? Come over to my place, We will have fun.
Girl 2: No yaar … I am baby sitting.
Girl 1: Babysitting? whom?
Girl 2: My maid’s daughter yaar. She delivered her two months back. Ever since she is been bringing her to work. I get so irritated..she wails all the time.
Girl 1: Oh no! how gross man..these low standard people.. they keep on reproducing till they hit menopause !
(and both chuckled)
Girl 2: and just look at my mom..she has turned nanny for her. What is the need? There are several maids out there..
Girl 1: what to say!! poor you!
oh! by the way did you hear about Deepika Padukone slamming TOI for highlighting her assets like jewelry?
Girl 2: Oh yes. That was the need of the hour. It is Woman empowerment . We should support her.
oh shit!!!! “Meeena your scumbag is crying again..take her away ”
Girl 1: ohoooooo.. she wails like a hyena.
See you in the evening. Bye!!