Commuting stories :)

She came to me in a moving train..

“buy some please…..” all drenched in rain.

She had few lemons with ginger and corn…

all wrapped neatly in poly-bag form.


I noticed she had beautiful eyes..

dried off tears from last night.

She had few bangles around her wrist…

My glasses had already collected mist.


“buy some” she said once again..

“but my fridge is already stocked with same”

“I have headbands,clips and more…”

she called her sister moving to and fro.


They came with boxes in their hands…

everything was beautiful including the bands.

Green and yellow, butterflies and bees…

the clips had lovely patterns for me.


Her sister carried  a baby;

fat cheeks ,running nose and bit of lazy.

He was covered uniformly with mud..

his mother laid her eyes on me ..but..!


I bought headbands and ginger handful..

and did not forget to tell the girls “you are beautiful”!

They smiled at me with gleaming eyes,

two got shy with cheeks red dyed.


“do you know to read ?”I asked them straight;

the smile turned small for two maids.

“where is the money,where is the time..?

the things that we sell,hardly keep us alive”


“but I know my spell and write,”

One of them said with a victorious smile and pride.

I smiled at her and took out my diary..

the one in which i have collected names while on ferry.


She wrote her name in broken words..

I promised her “I’ll teach you to learn”

she laughed at me “where is the time?”

I smiled and thought; “anytime down the line.”


She said “no” and walked away..

my hopes died…they had no way.

Next day morning, I boarded the train..

She tapped my back..”you are late…!”



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