pursuit of self !

Its been three years…the struggle never ends. My confidence ..my hard work.. my composure all seems to be lost somewhere. Reading and re-reading success stories of people dint help.. uniting with family dint help.. in fact it turned things more bitter.. always and everyday..one small question i asked … to myself … to Shiva… “why me? ” 

life was fun for me. I was career oriented little girl enjoying every moment on Earth…and suddenly there was a bang… a big bang… bolt from blue.. Its been three years since then .SPM_A1493

my mom told me once… life is circle of good and bad…happiness and sorrows… I never understood then..today I do. sometimes bad things happen in your life to view things differently…out of the league. To see the flip side of coin… i cried every single day.. till the time I  got used to it.. sometimes u have to learn to survive with the pain which is rooted beneath that heart. emotional pains cannot be treated with a prescription… all you need to do is… make peace..make peace deep within yourself.. it wont happen immediately… its such a gradual process….you’ll break 50 times before directing yourself once…but it will happen eventually… the break free thing.. it will happen!

life never stops… it had never stopped … just remember “phir subah hogi” (there would be morning again)

maya@expression garage


5 thoughts on “pursuit of self !”

  1. For a moment i thought it to be my story. Now a days it seems all of us are facing d same pain and agony. Look at me, where i ended? Was searching for something else and landed elsewhere. LORD SHIVA works in mysterious ways, i guess.

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